High basement of a private house

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СБ, 2006-05-13 16:12 – mensh During the construction of private houses of the plinth is the most complex design, and how it is done depends on the quality of the house, its thermal conditions, reliability and stability in the whole structure. Often, seek to make the underground cellar without a high basement, and, as a rule, it did not work well. First of all, it requires a great expenditure of time and money on the arrangement: a reliable waterproofing, insulation, drainage of ground water, etc. Many people often have to repair the underground, ground node, restore the impaired heat and waterproofing. In addition, over time it becomes necessary to have an additional economic and housing – have to make an addition or add-on that can change the pressure on the foundation of the house. In reality, individual building is often the most favorable construction of a private house with a high cap. In one case, such a high pedestal is the result of complex terrain – the steepness of the slope, terraced, ovrazhe, etc., in the other – due to soils pereuvlazhennyh foundation of the house, in the third – the base acts as a protection from drifting snow. In addition, Pedestal space is in all cases, a kind of airlock, which retains heat and cold stores. For a more convenient entry and passage in the room in the basement of the house are arranged additional inputs that provide the earliest possible functional connections within the housing. In addition, the construction of a high ground floor is much easier the further exploitation of the private dwelling house. In Fig. A. The plan of the ancient manor house with high basement, ground floor: 1 – Podkletnov Floor 2 – Escape 3 – Import, 4 – Workshop 5 – stand-bokovushi 6 – canopy, 7 – lane 8 – hut entrance, 9 – white (clean) cottage, 10 – enter the Podkletnov Floor, 11 – input. In Fig. A given plan Podkletnov (basement) and the main floor of the manor house of the old buildings relating to the XVIII-XIX centuries Paul the 1st floor there is a ceiling and the ground floors of Podkletnov galleries, one hand resting on the surface podklet, on the other – on the issues. An internal staircase connects the two rooms. The house of this type was popular in his time. In Fig. Two. Detached dwelling house with a high ground floor (the firm Makrotalo, Finland): a – general view of the house, b – plan ground floor and in – a plan first floor, 1 – living room, and 2 – bedroom, 3 – kitchen, 4 – dining room, 5 – Hall 6 – pantry, 7 – garage, 8 – Workshop 9 – WC: 10 – stairs. In Fig. 2 shows a private house with a ground floor, designed by Makrotalo (Finland). In the ground floor and first floor residential and business premises. Here is a typical intake of contiguity to the ground floor of the greenhouse, together with a relaxation room. Cost-volume-spatial solutions for construction in difficult terrain makes it possible to recommend a private residential building with ground floor for various construction conditions.

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